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Ann Coulter: “Mexicans Need To Decide Whether They Prefer Paying For The Wall Or Sending Us Their Therapists To Treat The Girls They’re Raping”

Ann Coulter rarely shies away from a controversial topic, even when it means being targeted by internet trolls unhappy with her political views. The conservative pundit took to Twitter Thursday and made a comparison that sent social media users into a fury. Coulter linked a quote from the Washington Examiner’s Byron York, which cited another […]


Trump: “If We Find Out Putin Tried To Hack The Election, We’ll Build A High Firewall And Force Russia To Pay For It”

As U.S. intelligence officials have raised increasing alarm this week over Russia’s meddling in the presidential election, Donald Trump has sought to recast the investigation as a matter of old-fashioned politics rather than national security. The president-elect has reacted to mounting pressure to take stronger steps against Russia not only by trying to discredit the […]