Alex Stevan

White House Admits Trump “Considering” Nugent’s Suggestion To “Force Every American To Take Pig Capsules As Response To Today’s UK Terror Attacks”

In the Islamic religion, pork and pork products are forbidden because the pig is considered an impure animal. Ted Nugent wrote in a Facebook post: “…The ironical part is that when a suicide bomber blows himself up his body parts are impregnated with gelatin and glycerin from the explosive. Both gelatin and glycerin are manufactured […]

WH Spokeswoman Hope Hicks: “President Trump Has A Magnetic Personality That Can Help U.S. To Find Precious Metals And Be Great Again”

The absence of communications director Michael Dubke might already be impacting the White House because the statements coming out of the press office seem a little off. In fact, some online critics are mocking a newly released statement as a “parody” that looks like something President Donald Trump would write about himself. “President Trump has […]