Alex Stevan

Paul Ryan: “International Women’s Day Is Just A Conspiracy To Take Away Men’s Right To Decide On The Fate Of Their Fetus”

The reviews of Paul Ryan’s healthcare reform bill are rolling in, and they are not good. In fact, Ryan’s callous, disingenuous proposal doesn’t just take healthcare away from millions of poor people. TrumpCare also quietly eviscerates abortion rights in the United States – not by making the procedure illegal, but by making it functionally impossible […]

Spicer: “Anyone Asking For Sessions To Recuse Himself Should Be ‘Ashamed’; The Russians He Spoke With Were On U.S. Soil, Which Makes Them Americans”

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has come out swinging against anyone – including members of the Republican Party – who believes that Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to recuse himself from investigations into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russian officials. In an excerpt released from a Fox News interview that will be aired in […]